We have been cooperating with the company Max-El Jacek Rajz for five years in scoe of design and manufacture of electrical and power engineering installations.
In the execution of entrusted work, MAX-EL complied with the deadlines set out in the agreements . The quality of the work carried out has always met the required standards. All the cooperation we have made so far is positive and we believe it is a worthy Partner to cooperate and possibly recommend other companies.

President of the Board
Zbigniew Gościcki

MAX-EL company has commissioned our electric work at the construction of the fuel station:
– SHELL in Piaseczno
– SHELL in Płochocin
– SHELL in Warsaw, Piłsudskiego street
– STATOIL in Warsaw, Kondratowicza street
– TESCO in Teresin

Our company is very satisfied with the cooperation, the above mentioned works have been done with due diligence.

MAX-EL was known as a reliable, organized and timely company.
MAX-EL is recommended by other partners.

Jacek Milewski

MAX-EL Company Jacek Rajz with its registered office in Warsaw at, 18 Modelowa street has been performing work on the supply and installation of energy-saving LED lighting for us. All the work has been refined logistically in the smallest detail, which allowed the extremely efficient and professional implementation of all stages of the work and the mounted system was based on high-class luminaires.
Works were performed on time, with full commitment of own team, due diligence and in accordance with the required standards.
We acknowledge that MAX-EL has the appropriate experience to perform such tasks, has qualified staff as well as own technical background.
We are happy to recommend this Company as a trusted partner for cooperation.

Paweł Jasiński
Administration Specialist

We have been working with the company MAX-EL Jacek Rajz since 1998 to date.This company is constantly performing work for us in the field of fire protection.
As part of a successful collaboration in 2013, it performed work associated with the assembly of capacitor banks to compensate for passive power. A year later, it conducted an energy audit and implemented a process of changing the electricity supplier, so that we received tangible financial benefits.
All our longstanding cooperation has been very successful in terms of both technical and legal issues. We consider it a worthy partner who professionally handles the entrusted tasks. As a result, we intend to continue our co-operation in the future and we recommend MAX-EL Jacek Rajz as a reliable contractor.

Representative of the Board
Walentyna Dąbrowska

SGI Baltis Sp. z o.o. confirms that the company MAX-EL Jacek Rajz, 18 Modelowa street, 02-797 Warsaw from 06.2010 to 01.2011 performed various works connected with the supply of MV lines at the construction site and the distribution of LV lines to the back-up facilities, tower cranes and lighting of the construction site of BARTYCKA ROUTE at 71 Bartycka Street in Warsaw.
The work was done in a timely manner with a team of employees.
All formal matters, documentation and arrangements related to the transfer and commissioning of the installation were also performed efficiently and professionally by the company MAX-EL.
We believe that MAX-EL is well prepared and experienced in this type of task, has qualified staff and we recommend this company as a reliable and reliable contractor.

Project Manager
Zbigniew Dubanik

GEZE Polska Sp. z o.o. confirms that MAX-EL Jacek Rajz has drawn up for us the design documentation for connection to the power network of our headquarters at 24 Marywilska street in Warsaw.
MAX-EL kept us up to date on the progress of the project, and the project was delivered over a month before the scheduled deadline.
We acknowledge that MAX-EL has the appropriate knowledge and experience to perform such tasks. The contact with the employees at every stage of our cooperation was very good, they showed great commitment and high personal culture. We can confidently recommend this Company as a verified and reliable Partner.

President of the Board
Marek Warzybok

Company mLocum S.A. with its registered office at 90-047 Łódź, 173 Piotrowska street confirms that MAX-EL Jacek Rajz, based in Warsaw at 18 Modelowa performed for us the design work connected with the double section overhead line 110kV in the area of Nałęczowska street. In addition, MAX-EL carried out the project necessary for the realization of the aforementioned task, consisting of the removal of the collision of the MV cable line with the planned route of the 110kV cable line. Within the framework of the aforementioned tasks it made and handed over:
– programme and spatial concept
– construction and executive design
– obtaining a valid building permit

We confirm that all the work has been done with due diligence on the basis of the required standards and with the deadlines scheduled for each stage. We are pleased to recommend MAX-EL as a verified and reliable partner for cooperation.

Director of the Warsaw of Branch mLocum SA
Wiesław Miernik